Kik Messenger 6.0 with passes 30 thousand users

Messenger is a serious competitor to G Talk, MSN, WhatsApp, etc. Ted Livingston, its creator, has announced that its support had over 100,000 users per evening. 30 thousand customers.

His key: efficacy and ease. HTML5 for indigen also put, like Face Book.

Instagram attaches via Kik example.

Kik was known by you?

Here is the official explanation of Kik Messenger Online:

This is exactly why you’ll love Kik:

STRAIGHTFORWARD: We believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We spent hundreds of hours building Kik to make the finest and the easiest smartphone messaging there’s.

PERSONAL: Your Kik login (not your phone number) is your Kik identity, to help you keep complete control over your privacy. No question Kik is the number one way by which people connect in other social apps like Viddy, Instagram and Socialcam.

And today, Kik can be customized by you more by method of new features that enable you to find and discuss photographs, movies and paintings forthwith.

SPEEDY: Kik is undoubtedly messaging smartphone speediest, most reliable accessible. And to life, your dialogs will come with concept notifications routed, delivered, being dialed or read.

Kik Messenger

Kik is loved by 29 million users! It really is quick smartphone straightforward texting and private personal that links all the folks you love to talk and you.


Presenting GarageBand

GarageBand is a music editing software that is complete. The sequencer is easy to use and comes up in an elegant design. It enrolls the musical team that is own, mixing his songs in no time also without any knowledge that is specific.

A heaven

GarageBand is the most easy audio publisher in the marketplace. The multitudinous loops that emulators of sound amplifiers for bass guitar and guitar and synthesizers that are digital make it a complete instrument for recording artists of all music genres. Notably GarageBand persuades with Rhythm variation and its attributes flextime.

An electronic tutor informed on the character of other factors, melody, beat, and composition in GarageBand. In addition, one has from the cell access to video tutorials of well-known artists such as Poke. The current edition includes fresh themes and choices and parts of projects via maildrop and is compatible with OS Yosemite.

With Flextime to correct the time of an audio file and the amount of the notes. With Dance matching corrects all and one selects one or mo Re with own tracks and garage band registered. With one click, you tune the sound tracks from each other.

User-friendly, function loaded

With many results and audio signals a specialist radio display for podcasting make consumers with the default configurations. This requires no programming abilities. Each procedure is not same fully instinctively. This applies to both MIDI tracks and audio. Garage band appears with a large simplicity of use and a broad range of features.

GarageBand For Windows provides an useful instrument for specialist studio recordings on the Mac at house. In outcomes, digital devices, and addition Amplifikatoren are available in abundance.

Judgment: Simple, practical, good

Garage band is the ideal software for music fans . It adapts to the requirements of customers. In addition, the application would work for both beginners and experts. Garage band is a sequencer of large quality.


Is 3d Worth the hype?

ambarella-550x411The next time you go shopping, try this: Walk into an electronics store and ask for a demo of 3D (three-dimension) TVs. This request will not only draw the store manager’s attention but will also ensure that all your queries are answered with utmost politeness in the hope of converting you into a buyer. This is because 3D TVs fall in the super-premium sales category. Selling a single product to you can cover a large part of the sales target of any store.

3D in your living room

Having recently made their entry into the market, 3D TVs are not expected to sell in huge numbers like liquid crystal display (LCD) TVs anytime soon. But, then, they are the “Bentleys” of this category and they don’t need a mass frenzy to support manufacturers.

Samsung, which has launched 10 models of 3D TVs in India, claims that 3D light-emitting diode (LED )and LCD TVs are attracting consumers. “We have a target to sell 300,000 LED/LCD TVs and we believe 10 per cent of these will be accounted by 3D TVs this year,” says R Zutshi, deputy managing director, Samsung India.

Samsung’s 46-inch 3D TV, which comes bundled with a free pair of 3D glasses, worth Rs 8,000, and a 3D movie title, has been flying off the shelves, claims Zutshi. Extra 3D glasses (battery-supported) can be bought for Rs 4,900 and rechargeable glasses for Rs 8,000.

Realising that there isn’t too much 3D content to begin with, Samsung has been bright enough to include the capability to convert conventional 2D transmission into 3D at the press of a button.

You can convert any 2D content (on TV) into 3D with a button on the remote control. Of course, it won’t be the best of 3D visuals but, nonetheless, users will have content to watch on their 3D TVs,” reasons Zutshi. In the near future, Samsung plans to bundle 3D Blu-Ray DVD players and 3D home theatre systems with its LED and LCD panels to expand the market.

Sony, which is trying to catch up with Samsung, is set to launch its 3D TVs in June. The proposed model will have a 46-inch screen and will sport a price tag of $3,875 (nearly Rs 1,75,000).

Two pairs of 3D glasses will accompany each TV set. While 3D TV-owners can get their hands on nearly 80 3D movies along with 3D-enabled Blu-Ray disc players, the fact that broadcast players in the country are still nowhere near offering 3D content can limit the popularity of these TV sets.

Life-like gaming becomes reality

Computer manufacturers like Asus and Acer are also making technical adjustments to show games in three dimensions. Digital graphics maker NVidia, at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, showcased how PCs based on its GeForce GPUs — along with the Nvidia 3D Vision hardware and software ecosystem — could make any PC 3D-compliant. This includes Blu-Ray 3D movies, games, photos and even surfing on the web.

To display 3D images, computer monitors will need to refresh at a rate of 120 Hz — slightly higher than current models. So, manufacturers have begun to launch 3D-ready monitors in high definition and non-high definition, but these can cost upwards of Rs 20,000.
Also, high-end video cards (Rs 6,000 or more) are needed to handle the extra rendering loads. And, don’t forget the shutter glasses that connect to the computer wirelessly (an extra Rs 5,000).